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Spectral Theory Of Canonical Differential Systems : Method Of Operator Identities

RRP $519.99

Theorems of factorising matrix functions and the operator identity method play an essential role in this book in constructing the spectral theory (direct and inverse problems) of canonical differential systems. The general spectral theory is then applied both to classical spectral problems (Sturm-Liouville, Dirac, string equations, Krein systems) and new, important nonlinear equations such as the nonlinear Schrödinger equation, the modified Korteweg-de Vries equation and the sinh-Gordon equation.

Reflections On A Pilgrimage To Rome On The Occasion Of The Canonization Of St. John Neumann

RRP $13.99

Dr. Joseph M. Gambescia, a pious, devout student for seeking God's grace, wrote Reflections... during his pilgrimage to the canonization of John Neumann. He was one of two physicians (Dr. William Zintl) appointed by the Vatican in November 1962 to examine the body of Blessed John Neumann, buried in St. Peter the Apostle Church in Philadelphia. He re-examined the body in 1964 at the request of the director of the Shrine of Blessed John Neumann. Subsequently, he reviewed medical records of several people for the director of the national shrine, to help validate any medical miracles. Dr. Gambescia took a pilgrimage to Rome in 1977 during the canonization of John N. Neumann (he was the third American saint at that time and the first male saint). He gives a unique layman's perspective as one who had touched a saint, worked tirelessly to heal the sick, and thought about the enduring questions in life: Who am I? What is my purpose in life? What is my relationship to other people in this world? What is my relationship to God? How do I best live the Magis?

The Making Of A Musical Canon In Chinese Central Asia

RRP $287.99

Throughout the course of the twentieth century, as newly formed nations sought ways to develop and formalise their national identity and acquire a range of identifiable national assets, we find new musical canons springing up across the world. But these canons are not arbitrary collections of works imposed on the public by the authorities. Rather they acquire deep resonance and meaning, both as national symbols and as musical repertoires imbued with aesthetic value. This book traces the formation of one such musical canon: the Twelve Muqam, a set of musical suites linked to the Uyghurs, who are one of China's minority nationalities, and culturally Central Asian Muslims. The book draws on Uyghur and Chinese language publications; interviews with musicians and musicologists; field, archive and commercial recordings, and aims towards an understanding of the Twelve Muqam as musical repertoire, juxtaposed with an understanding of the Twelve Muqam as a field of discourse. The book brings together several years' work in this field, but its core arises from a research project under the auspices of the AHRC Centre for Music Performance and Dance.


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